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Americans for Responsible Taxes - For the last two years, RMB&A coordinated a coalition of over forty national advocacy groups to call for the extension of middle class tax cuts, including refundable credits such as the Making Work Pay and American Opportunity Tax Credits, extension of unemployment benefits for those out of work, and the end of the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy.  RMB&A organized and led lobbying, field, and communications teams for the campaign and helped design and oversaw several opinion research projects on tax issues. Our efforts resulted in multiple letters to Congress, several national weeks of action, and hundreds grassroots lobby and media activities. 

Campaign for College Affordability – RMB&A organized grassroots groups to join more than twenty organizational participants to promote college access and affordability. RMB&A is providing the strategic direction and implementation framework for student groups, education organizations, consumer groups, unions, progressive organizations and grassroots groups participating in this Campaign. Through coordinated media, research reports, lobbying and grassroots organizing, the Campaign for College Affordability has elevated the issue of affordable higher education for all American students and families into a core national agenda item.

Health Care for America Now! – The firm also contributes to strategic communications, coalition building, and outreach for Health Care for America Now!, a national grassroots campaign seeking a guarantee of affordable, quality health care for all Americans in 2009. RMB&A is engaged in outreach to members of the business community and health care provider groups in an effort to build consensus toward winning quality, affordable health care, and provides media relations support targeted specifically to members of the business press.     

National Association of Community Health Centers - RMB&A assists the National Association of Community Health Centers with their work researching, expanding, and improving healthcare in communities across the nation.  RMB&A works with NACHC's national office to expand their work and coordinate it with new legislation in the ever-evolving realm of healthcare. NACHC operates a network of state health center and primary care organizations to assist health centers which serve 20 million people at more than 7,000 sites located throughout all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Fair Elections Legal Network – Our firm is also overseeing implementation of the Fair Elections Legal Network that Robert Brandon co-founded with former Congresswoman Elizabeth Holtzman. FELN is a national non-partisan network of experienced election lawyers who are working to remove legal and administrative barriers to voter participation by traditionally underrepresented constituencies, including the poor, minorities, elderly, disabled and student voters through legal and administrative reforms.
A Greater Washington Civic Alliance—RMB&A co-founded and provides project management and technical assistance to A Greater Washington (AGW), a non-profit civic alliance regionally focused and dedicated to promoting cooperation among business leaders, local government officials, and citizens across Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. RMB&A assisted A Greater Washington in selecting a diverse group of representatives from the area’s business, educational, political and non-profit communities to serve as board members and to facilitate the board’s efforts to identify key regional issues and develop coalitions that cross geographic, racial, economic and political boundaries. The organization has addressed issues as diverse as work-force development in entry-level technology, expansion of education curricula that emphasize technology readiness, regional leadership development, smart growth issues, and after-school athletic mentoring programs.


Currently, A Greater Washington runs a highly acclaimed after school program, Fields of Dreams, that teaches baseball skills to 4th to 6th grade boys and girls, provides academic enrichment around Jackie Robinson’s values, and nutrition programs in seven inner-city elementary schools in Washington DC. Fields of Dreams has also added a summer program in recent years, for both elementary and middle school students.

Promoting Open Access to the High-speed Internet—RMB&A helped develop a coalition of consumer, technology and Internet companies to fight for protections to keep the Internet a free and open medium against efforts by cable and phone companies to create gatekeepers.  RMB&A worked with consumer groups such as The Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and Internet companies such as Google and Yahoo and local tech councils and telemedicine organizations to generate grassroots support, media, research reports and lobbying to maintain and advance protections to keep the Internet open.